IT Talk: “Kubernetes & Static websites. Use case”

2 diciembre

miércoles, 13:00



Let’s meet online and talk about effective coding and Managed Identity in Azure!

Language of the event: English


«Static websites - some old rubbish from the 90s or a very clever way of doing modern web?» by Anton Boyko

A long-long time ago, when computers were big and programs were small, there used to be only one way of doing websites - plain old HTML. That brings quite a problem to the table - it was very hard to update those websites. Then, a ton of CMSs emerged to fix the abovementioned issue and introduce a new one - now you need to have much more computing resources to actually host your website, protect it from unauthorized access, etc. But what if there is a way for you to combine the best from both worlds?

Anton Boyko, Principal Solution Architect, Microsoft Azure Expert
Founder and main speaker at Ukrainian Microsoft Azure Community. 15+ years in application development. Worked as Developer, DevOps and Architect. Participated in global worldwide projects with the load of millions of users. Has his own IT consultancy practice, helps organizations of different sizes to be more efficient by investing in modernization. Microsoft Azure MVP since 2014. Microsoft Regional Director.

«Kubernetes - the new generation of your infrastructure» by Vasiliy Ozerov

Let's take a look at the history of IT infrastructure solutions. We had a lot of different applications, which had been written using different languages. And all of them had their own way to be deployed to your infra. It could be some shell scripts, packages, ansible, or any other tools. The first big step was when Docker was introduced. We got a simple universal way to build and distribute our apps - containers. And the second big step was Kubernetes. It allowed us to work with our infrastructure through API. So let's look a bit closer at Kubernetes and deploy some apps to it.

Vasiliy Ozerov, Founder of and
14+ years in system administration, 8+ years in DevOps. Founder of and Likes to work with clouds (preferable Google Cloud and Amazon Cloud), Kubernetes, both self-hosted and cloud-based, and with different Linux-based systems. Besides, likes to develop infrastructure tools using Golang and Python, but, most of all, loves to troubleshoot serious and specific issues with IT systems.


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«Static websites - some old rubbish from the 90s or a very clever way of doing modern web?»

Anton Boyko

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«Kubernetes - the new generation of your infrastructure»

Vasiliy Ozerov

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