10 Phrases for an Engineer

22 agosto 2018
10 Phrases for an Engineer

Chris Sheldon, DataArt PM from London, chose some useful expressions that could help you to understand your English client better.

  1. "Quick Win" - What’s the minimum you can do for the largest return? “If I update this 1 database record it will generate you an extra £250K in revenue”.
  2. "Let’s take that offline" - You’re interrupting this meeting with your technobabble. Discuss it amongst yourselves and come back when you can explain it in 4 seconds using words with fewer than 2 syllables.
  3. "You may like to consider" - Do this now and DO AS I SAY.
  4. "We need to manage expectations" - The release is tanking, the customer expects these features tomorrow. We need to let them know that it’ll be 3 months late.
  5. "Dogfood it" - If we use our own product we’ll get to see how ropey it is before any customers do. Then we can fix it up real nice.
  6. "I'm not sure about that" = I am sure. I HATE IT. WHY don’t you use COMIC SANS like a professional?!
  7. "Grandfather it" - don’t bother updating the existing code, just splice the new code in where it’ll fit. We’ll keep doing it the old way as well as the new.
  8. "Bubblegum/Ducttape" - It’s a quick win - just copy and paste the code you used there and change the colours. Voila, there’s your new ERP system. We can revisit it later. Got to make sure that technical debt is kept in check.
  9. "Manage dependencies" - Shout at the upstream teams and make them look bad as they’re stopping you from meeting your milestones.
  10. "Turn it off and on again" - Only applies to production servers.