Remote work
Remote work

About the vacancy

We are assembling a team that will develop and upgrade the systems of the international association of financial industry professionals. The company unites 200 thousand investment experts and uses more than a hundred different applications, many of which are developed using NetSuite.

Advanced technological solutions, skilled technical specialists, and the importance of human relations is what makes the work on projects of this company comfortable and interesting. Minimum viable bureaucracy and openness to new solutions allow every developer to significantly influence the products created.

The DataArt team will be expanded to several dozens of people in the future: developers, testers, architects. A NetSuite Architect will act as a partner and consultant to the client's technical manager: help understand vendor recommendations, make strategic decisions about the development of the company's services.


  • Receive vulnerability reports such as Information Security Office Penetration Test or Red Team Exercises and partner with different teams to resolve any issues
  • Work with IT Development and Enterprise Architecture teams on new technology initiatives so that solutions are designed with best security practices and requirements in mind
  • Partner with IT Quality Assurance to introduce security testing to the software development lifecycle focusing on test automation
  • Locate application vulnerabilities using tools such as Static and Dynamic Code Analysis and resolve issues before product releases focusing on test automation
  • Collaborate with Delivery Operations and Cloud Operations teams to enhance software release processes and provisioning of cloud-based services while also mitigating security risks
  • Collaborate with Information Security Office to examine new threats in the environment, modify current SDLC or CI/CD processes if needed
  • Partner with IT Operations to improve or change any tools, logs, or notifications
  • Collect audit evidence for Information Security Office for audit and compliance checks
  • Collaborate with Information Security Office to raise awareness of possible application vulnerabilities and best development practices (Securing Network Protocols, OWASP, CIS Controls)

Required Skills and Experience

  • 10+ years of experience in information technology
  • Ability to handle confidential and sensitive information
  • Excellent multitasking, interpersonal, and communication skills, good English
  • Strong knowledge of IT infrastructure
  • In-depth understanding of common software related exploits in programming languages, web applications, and network protocols (SSL, HTTPS, TLS, HSTS, OWAST TOP 10)
  • Familiarity with automated vulnerability scanning tools (Tenable, Qualys, CVE Scan Tools)
  • Proficiency in scripting and cross platform integrations, service/web hooks (JIRA, Azure DevOps, Octopus Deploy, Azure Portal, ARM Templates, PowerShell and other CLIs)
  • Fluency in Web Application Firewalls and common configurations (CloudFlare)
  • Understanding of network monitoring, analysis, troubleshooting, and configuration control technologies
  • Excellent understanding of cybercrime tactics, from Script Kiddies to Advanced Persisted Threats
  • Some knowledge of reverse engineering and malware analysis (dynamic and static)
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Willingness to learn modern technologies
  • Ability to support the objectives of IT Operations and the Information Security Office
  • Ability to perform on-call duties is a plus

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Trabajar en DataArt es

Primero y ante todo, las personas

Las relaciones con los clientes y entre colegas se basan en el respeto mutuo, a pesar de nuestras diferencias

  • Relación a largo plazo
  • Respeto a la individualidad y libertad de expresión
  • Horario flexible y posibilidad de realizar home office
  • Interesantes condiciones salariales y medicina prepaga individual + familiar
  • Servicios administrativos internos de alta calidad


Capacidad para desarrollar tu potencial en DataArt.

  • Equipo de profesionales
  • Intercambio continuo de conocimientos en comunidades de interés
  • Lecciones de inglés
  • Sistema interno
  • Trainings internos y externos


Libertad para explorar oportunidades y obtener nuevas experiencias y conocimientos.

  • Contrato de trabajo indefinido con DataArt, y no con el proyecto asignado
  • Estructura corporativa horizontal
  • Cantidad mínima de reglas
  • Las reglas y los procedimientos pueden cambiar a medida que DataArt evoluciona. Sin embargo, mantendremos los valores que apreciamos
  • Posibilidad para trabajar desde cualquier centro de desarrollo de DataArt; asistencia para reubicación


La capacidad de contar unos con otros y la voluntad de confiar en las personas son elementos fundamentales de las relaciones en DataArt.

  • El rol de los líderes en DataArt consiste en crear un contexto en el que las personas puedan tomar sus propias decisiones
  • Reglas y políticas comprensibles que son las mismas para todos
  • No fomentamos la competitividad entre colegas

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¿No encontraste un trabajo adecuado?

Envianos tu CV así podemos evaluar tu perfil y buscar una oportunidad que se adapte a tus skills. También, podes suscribirte a nuestra lista de correo para recibir información sobre las nuevas oportunidades.